About Meadowlily Farm

Meadowlily Farm is the home of Ontario Bee Rescue and a duck refuge for homeless, injured and stray ducks.

Meadowlily Farm is located in the middle of the Meadowlily Woods Nature preserve. It is located within the City of London, on the south side of the Thames River. Meadowlily Nature Preserve was donated to Thames Talbot Land Trust (TTLT) by Carol and Rick Richardson, who wanted to ensure that their family's land would be protected from future development. The 5.9-ha (14.5 acre) site is comprised of floodplain, open meadow and upland forest, and is an integral component of Meadowlily Woods, which is recognized as an Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) by the City of London. Academic Research in the Meadowlily Woods area documented over 60 archaeological sites dating from 9500 B.C to 1500 A.D and includes all types of sites from find spots, camps and villages.

Meadowlily Farm Could Use Your Help

UPDATE* We now have over 30 rescue ducks now...wow! Who knew ducks needed help! We take care of Muscovy Ducks, they are farm ducks not wild...they are like pets! We started with 14, and in over a year we have received ducks from all kinds of people and the Animal Care & Control, London-Adoption Centre. Now we need you help..we need feed! A 50 lb bag of corn only costs $20, but the ducks go through one every week! Special Thanks to all the people that have helped us create this special safe haven. Its nice to know people care about nature. If you can help with a bag of corn, a bale of hay, straw or a few dollars it would really help.

Bruce Richardson & Joanne Crockett

We are: Professional Broadcasters, Technical advisers, Beekeepers, Guardians of Nature, and weekend homesteaders. We run Ontario Bee Rescue and a duck refuge for wayward, injured and homeless ducks.
Joanne and I have been working in Entertainment for years...Radio, TV and Film, and you might even spot us in a movie or two.
We love working with nature and helping people.
Our Motto is: The more you help people - the better life gets!

Working in the broadcast technology field for over 40 years Bruce now enjoys as much time as he can on the farm. He is a registered beekeeper and now teaches beekeeping. Bruce treats the bees with kindness and they in return share the bounty of their wonderful honey for everyone to enjoy! Visit Bruce's Site: http://www.videolink.ca

Joanne is an accomplished webmistress, radio host/producer and jewelry designer. She loves taking care of the ducks, gardening and helping with the bees. Meadowlily Farm is a magical place! Visit Joanne's Jewelry Site: http://www.vampirewear.com

Together Bruce & Joanne enjoy sharing their love of nature and homesteading with people all over the world.


Raw all natural beeswax. Beeswax candles clean the air instead of releasing toxins which the paraffin wax candles do. Did you know that there are 101 uses for beeswax. More Info


Raw all natural clover/wild flower non pasteurised honey and beeswax candles from bees raised in a nature preserve, right in London, Ontario, Canada. Meadowlily Farm uses no pesticides and no chemical treatments on our bees. More Info


Meadowlily Farm is a small hobby farm in Canada. We are working towards self sustaining status. Everything here is completely natural. We respect nature and all its wonders and powers and learn from Mother Nature daily. More Info