Her Life's Work Honey Necklace

The Her Lifes Work Necklace is handcrafted and contains approximately half a teaspoon of honey - The amount a single honey bee makes in her lifetime. $20.00 includes shipping all sales go to Ontario Bee Rescue. Ontario Bee Rescue is a Non-Profit Organization. We hold down regular day jobs and field several calls a week for bee rescues. Many rescues involve driving many kilometers and spending several hours at a rescue site. The Honeybees survival depends on all of us. You can make a difference now.

The necklace vial with the honey in it is refillable so if you see a tired bee you can always give her a few drops of honey from your necklace you may save her life. Each necklace is handcrafted. Her Life's Work Honey Necklace are available for pick up in Toronto and London please call to make arrangements for pick up: 519-520-0424.

$20.00 Canadian & FREE SHIPPING!