Bee Propolis or "bee glue"

Propolis or "bee glue" is produced by bees from Tree Sap and is one of natures best natural antibotics.

Propolis has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years. This product is not suitable for people sensitive to bees or bee products. Always consult a physician if you are unsure.

Propolis can be applied topically. You can also make a Propolis tincture by mixing the Propolis with food grade alcohol or vegetable glycerin. Mix 5 drops into a little bit of honey and swallow. A very easy way to take it is to mix the ground Propolis in a smoothie or in honey.

1. Propolis Kills Bacteria - One study investigated the anti-bacterial capabilities of bee propolis in the mouth and more specifically with regards to root canals.

2. Propolis Lowers Blood Pressure - Nitric oxide is a very important substance for heart health.

3. Propolis Helps Treat Bone Diseases - Another health benefit of propolis appears to be that it helps to build and maintain healthy bone tissue.

4. Propolis Helps Treat Allergies - An amazing health benefit of propolis is it's ability to calm the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

5. Propolis Boosts Prostate Cancer Cell Death - Prostate cancer is a commonly diagnosed cancer in men. But there is exciting news regarding this deadly disease - one of the health benefits of propolis appears to be that it prevents and suppresses this type of cancer.

6. Propolis Kills Colon Cancer Cells - Scientists recently decided to look at the anti-cancer and anti-microbial potential of propolis at the same time. First they exposed propolis to four different pathogens. As those of us who've used propolis to kill many colds have known for years, the propolis showed very strong antimicrobial activity.

7. Propolis May Help Treat Food Poisoning - The health benefits of propolis now include food poisoning treatment among the dozens of other conditions it is effective at treating.

8. Propolis Protects Injured Teeth - I'll be honest - this study was pretty hard to understand (a lot of big, technical words that were beyond my vocabulary) But, I'll do my best to sum it up for you anyways. Apparently, traumatic injuries to the teeth present a challenging situation for the clinician because of post-treatment complications such as inflammation.
9. Heat Stress & Athletic Performance - One of the reasons the health benefits of propolis are so vast is because it is so full of antioxidants.
10. Propolis an Effective Treatment for Warts- - his is a benefit I've had personal experience with. Propolis tincture killed a plantars wart of mine in less than two weeks and its never come back.

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